Does a 2 inch lift kit make a difference on Subarus?

Does a 2 inch lift kit make a difference on Subarus?

In a nutshell, yes! Subaru vehicles can be lifted in a variety of ways that can affect a variety of variables. Additionally, there are a variety of options to choose from. In what ways will it change my Subaru, and how much does it cost to lift a Subaru? Here are some questions to consider.

Pros of a 2 inch lift.  

There is no doubt that a 2" lift is worth it. Think of it this way... Your car's undercarriage will be less damaged and at less risk of damage when you ride off roading due to the increased ground clearance! In addition, it increases takeoff approach and departure angles, which is a huge benefit when taking your Subaru off-road. 


Whatever you do to heighten a Subaru, whether it's coil overs, coil springs, shocks and struts, or strut top spacers, one thing is certain. The vehicle will have a much more aggressive appearance. By lifting a Subaru, you can increase the tire size. With more height and rugged off-road tires, you get a truly unique off-road adventure mobile.

How much does a 2 inch lift kit for my Subaru cost? 

As stated before, there are tons of options to consider when lifting your Subaru. Price shouldn’t necessarily be the first thing to consider when choosing the right lift kit for you. Materials used, where they are sourced, and country of manufacturer should all play a role in your decision. 

Next, you should decide how the vehicle will be used and then you will get a good idea of how aggressive of a lift you need

Strut Top Lift Spacers

This is the most cost-effective option. A strut spacer is simply a piece of metal or plastic that sits between your struts and the strut mounting points to lower your suspension. You get a lift without spending a fortune. We added a little more engineering than most companies out there with our Subaru lift spacers. We added in “camber and caster correction” into our front spacer lifts. The vehicle remains in factory alignment when lifted due to this benefit.


Coil Springs

Utilizing coil springs to lift your Subaru is the next best option. Most companies that sell Subaru lift kits use off-the-shelf springs that are made for a wide variety of vehicles, most of them not even Subaru’s. RalliTEK coil springs were engineered specifically for the Subaru platform. After years of real-world and spring dyno testing, we were able to find the ideal balance of spring rate, material process and diameter, and  coil layout to achieve the best performing lift springs for all the Subaru models.


Assembled lift kits with Bilstein or KYB shocks and struts


There is no better suspension system that can be installed on Subarus than RalliTEK assembled Subaru lift kits. Our coil spring technology is combined with Bilstein and KYB shock technology, both of which are industry leaders. With assembled struts, your vehicle can go off-road with unmatched capabilities while improving its on-road performance. For Subaru's, these kits utilize our spring technology, which is perfectly matched to the damping of the shocks and struts, ensuring an unbeatable suspension system!

Does a 2 inch lift kit affect Subaru’s gas mileage

No! Well kind of… If you were to lift your Subaru Outback or other model and not put larger, more aggressive tires on it you wouldn’t notice much of a mile per gallon difference. Where it gets tricky is choosing the ideal tire size and tread pattern. If you put really large mud terrain tires with large lugs you will have a major weight increase. Which will be the reason for your loss in gas mileage. If you stick with an ideal tire diameter and all-terrain tire you will see minimal mileage loss. 

See our tire sizing guide here.

In conclusion, does a 2 inch Subaru lift kit make a difference? 

Installing a 2-inch lift kit will elevate your car's ride height and improve off-road performance. When you go off-roading, a lift kit will give you increased ground clearance, so you will spend less time scraping against rocks, roots, and other off-road debris.

You can see over obstacles and even other vehicles on the road with this off-road-style vehicle.

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