Benefits of Lifting a Subaru

Benefits of Lifting Your Subaru

Putting off-roading into one word, you could say "Bigger." The steep inclines? How do you handle obstacles? Therefore, you should make your vehicle bigger. In other words, higher. That’s where lift kits come in.

If you're new to off-roading and your Subaru has decent suspension, you may not think you need to lift your suspension. Getting the right suspension lift kits for Subarus is crucial when you realize how important balancing your vehicle is.

What Is a Suspension Lift Kit?

There are some people who want a taller ride purely for aesthetic reasons, so they lift the body a few inches. A suspension lift is different from a conventional lift. They involve lifting the vehicle's entire suspension, giving your vehicle anywhere from ¼” to as many as 4” inches of height.

The Benefits of Suspension Lifts for a Subaru

Bigger Tires

The taller suspension on your vehicle allows you to install taller wheels and tires. Besides improving the appearance of your car, this also improves the handling of your car on any terrain. There is more contact between the tire and the ground the bigger the tire. You will be able to brake more effectively and handle slippery conditions better with this.

Improved Clearance and Angles

 As well as helping you handle rougher terrain, tall tires give your car more clearance. Besides being able to have wider approach and departure angles, they also allow you to have break over angles along your body.

  • Angle of Approach: The angle whose vertex is the center of the car’s body and its two arms rest on the front bumper of the car to the bottom of the front wheels.
  • Angle of Departure: The angle whose vertex is the center of the car’s body and its two arms rest on the back bumper of the car to the bottom of the back wheels.
  • Break Over Angle: The angle whose vertex is the center of the car’s body and its two arms rest on the bottom of the front wheels and the back wheels.

The first two angles determine how steep of an incline you can climb up and drive down, while the latter tells you how steep of a convex you can drive over without damaging the bottom of the vehicle or getting stuck. Since the body of your rig and the valuable equipment on its underside are both lifted higher, you’ll be able to travel over tall obstacles without damaging your vehicle.

More Responsive Suspension

When you install aftermarket suspension your vehicle will be more responsive and able to handle tight turns and higher speeds more easily. Ensure that the tires have the best possible contact with the road surface, as well as maintaining optimal comfort on any terrain.


When off-roading, visibility is almost always obstructed by peaks, mud, and foliage. A few extra inches usually enable drivers to see over more obstacles. As a result, drivers are less likely to collide with foliage or other vehicles. When you're out on the trails, good visibility increases safety.


Adding a lift kit to your vehicle simply makes it look cooler. You can't help but make an impression with the increased height and bigger tires, no matter where you are. 

What Does It Mean for a Vehicle To Be Well-Balanced?

The term "well-balanced" is often used when referring to suspension. In order to be well-balanced, a person's weight must be equally distributed between both legs and their feet. It is also important that a vehicle has an even distribution of weight across all four tires in order to be well-balanced. The implications of this are enormous, both off-road and on-road.

The Importance of a Well-Balanced Rig


An uneven distribution of weight can throw off a car's handling during turns. When the vehicle's weight is unevenly distributed toward the front, it may understeer, while when it is unevenly distributed toward the back, it would oversteer.

A vehicle's suspension is lifted to raise its center of gravity, which affects steering differently. During a corner, more weight is placed on the outside tires when the center of gravity is high. It results in body rolls that are useful when you're off-roading, but can be dangerous when you're back on the road.


In the example of an ill-balanced human, what would happen if someone walked with all their weight on their right foot for an entire year? In contrast, one shoe's soles will have a much higher degree of wear and tear. Imagine running with two pairs of shoes that are different in height. Your body wouldn't like it.

Out-of-balance cars are no different. If the weight is pushed too much to one side or another, the tires wear out unevenly. You may not notice when you’re In spite of the fact that you recently painstakingly upgraded your suspension, driving unevenly when you get back on a flat road can damage it.

Tips for Correcting Balance and Handling Issues in Lifted Subaru Vehicles

Turning can be corrected in many ways beyond simply becoming familiar with its handling. When purchasing Subaru suspension parts, think about getting adjustable control arms, trailing arms, and end links. It is easy to readjust the steering geometry that may have been affected by lifting the truck with these devices. Whether you're on or off-road, your Suby will handle like a dream.

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