About us

Meet the Team!


RalliTEK was founded in August of 2001 by passionate and technical Subaru enthusiasts who desired to serve the aftermarket Subaru community. With a strong presence in the regional and national rally community, RalliTEK translated its racing experience and knowledge into performance solutions designed for everyday enthusiasts driving their cars on the street. RalliTEK filled the demand for performance products which enhanced the power, handling capabilities, and overall appearance of Subaru vehicles. With the introduction of the Subaru WRX to the American market in 2001, RalliTEK rapidly grew its aftermarket product line to accommodate the growing popularity of this race-inspired vehicle.

Merging With IPD Volvo

Based in Portland, Oregon, IPD Volvo has manufactured and distributed aftermarket performance parts and accessories for Volvo's since 1963. As IPD grew and expanded over the years, they began looking to expand further into the aftermarket automotive market. They discovered many of their Volvo owners also owned Subaru's and soon started another division of IPD called “Suby Solutions” in 2002. During their development of the Suby Solutions line, IPD developed a relationship with RalliTEK. IPD and RalliTEK worked together to design suspension components for late model Subaru's and began selling products between the two companies. As they continued to work together and develop other performance parts, they decided it would be beneficial to merge both companies. In 2006, the Suby Solutions brand was dissolved and RalliTEK became a permanent part of IPD.

Acquisition by Performance Race Engineering, LLC

After several years of working the RalliTEK brand, IPD decided the brand and its clientele would be better served by a company with a more specialized Subaru experience. This opened the door for another Portland, Oregon company, Performance Race Engineering, LLC (PREracing), to acquire RalliTEK and develop and further support the brand.

PREracing opened its doors in 2002 and serves automotive enthusiasts through high-performance retail sales, service installation, and tuning. PREracing began developing and manufacturing products of its own and saw the benefit of acquiring RalliTEK to add to its growing line of customer needs. Thus, in mid-2013, PREracing purchased RalliTEK and its assets from IPD and has been developing the brand since that time.

Currently, PREracing is campaigning a regional stage rally car using both RalliTEK products and PREracing service and tuning to showcase the company's many-faceted capabilities and resources. Through new partnerships with grassroots enthusiasts and national distributors, RalliTEK products are making it back to the street and the track. Look for RalliTEK, along with PREracing, to bring a full line of performance and tuning solutions for the Subaru platform and beyond.