Essentials to Carry While Off-Roading in Your Subaru

The off-roading experience can sometimes feel like a battle between man and nature. Natural obstacles, rough terrain, and wide rivers add an extra dose of adrenaline to any off-roading trip. However, these same things can lead to dangerous scenarios, such as being stranded in the outback, stuck with a flat tire, or high-centered on a stump or boulder in the middle of nowhere. 

Essentials while off roading in your Subaru

Just because a little danger is possible on your trip, doesn’t mean you should stay home–rather, you can explore confidently by being prepared for common off-roading mishaps that may come along. Here are five suggested items to bring along as part of your Subaru off-road essentials kit:

A Basic Survival Kit

Survival scenarios, such as getting stranded in the woods with an incapacitated rig, require you to put yourself first. It is impossible to get your Subaru up and running again if you are injured, dehydrated, or cold. We recommend having the following items in your basic survival kit:

  • A first aid kit or emergency kits
  • Extra water
  • Non-perishable food
  • A flashlight and extra batteries
  • A whistle
  • Extra medication
  • Blankets and a rain-poncho

This might seem like overkill for a simple day outing, but keep in mind that nobody expects to become stranded. All you have to do is keep this gear in your Subaru at all times, and you'll always be prepared.

Recovery Equipment

A stuck vehicle can easily devolve into an emergency situation when off-roading. You’ll want to invest in some quality recovery equipment to keep yourself safe and to get your Subaru back on the trail safely.

Installing a winch on your Subaru is ideal and a great way to keep you out of hairy situations. Don't forget to pack recovery boards, land anchors, recovery straps, and tree-saving straps to assist you while using your winch. It's impossible to predict how or where you'll get stuck, so you'll need to plan for various recovery scenarios. Having multiple tools will give you better options while you plan your exit strategy.

Jump Box

In the wilderness, there may not be anyone nearby to jump-start your car if the battery dies, which can put you in a precarious situation. There are tons of lightweight battery jump starters on the market that are small, rechargeable, and can be used to charge small electronics as well. They are a cheap way to get you out of a dire situation.  

Basic Tool Kit

Tow trucks aren't exactly easy to find in the wilderness. You should have a few basic tools available to make simple repairs, such as:

  • A socket set
  • Allen wrenches
  • Different-sized screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • A knife
  • Work gloves

Additionally, if you run into an obstacle that your off-road tires are unable to handle, be sure to have a tire patch kit on hand.

A Buddy

The best thing to add to your off-roading survival list isn't an item; it's a person. You can greatly increase the likelihood of getting your Subaru out of a sticky situation with the help of a buddy who is driving their own vehicle. They can help brainstorm ideas to get you unstuck or fix whatever might be wrong with your vehicle. In the event of an injury, they can help keep you safe and help you decide how to get medical attention. This will increase your chances of survival by getting out of danger more quickly and having assistance during a difficult situation.  

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