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GrimmSpeed Manifold to Uppipe Gasket Double Thick - Subaru Turbo Models

GrimmSpeed Manifold to Uppipe Gasket Double Thick - Subaru Turbo Models

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This gasket lies between the manifold and the uppipe. It is made up of 12 layers, which is double the thickness of your average Grimmspeed gasket. This extra thick, extra heavy duty gasket will guarantee a leak free seal and years of use.

Gasket Layers : 12
Installation Hardware Included : No
Material: Stainless Steel

Finally you have an option for an extra thick exhaust manifold to up-pipe gasket. The most troublesome mating joint in the Subaru exhaust track is the manifold to up-pipe connection. GrimmSpeed decided to make a gasket more than 2x thicker than the OEM gasket. In all, it is 2.5mm thick... a monster compared to the 1.2mm thick OEM gasket!


Whether it is OEM manifold to OEM up-pipe, OEM manifold > Aftermarket up-pipe, Aftermarket header > Aftermarket up-pipe... they all have leaking issues at this connection. Our new gasket solves this problem. GrimmSpeed has worked with endless amounts of aftermarket gaskets, but none seem to work as well as the multi-layer steel OEM-style gaskets. However, OEM gaskets from Subaru are expensive. In this interest, Grimmspeed has developed a premium multi-layer steel gasket with a stainless steel fire-ring at a great price.


This product cross-references with Subaru part number 144022AA170



  • 100% thicker than OEM gaskets
  • 304 stainless steel fire-ring
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