Cheap insurance for your Subarus vital parts.

RalliTEK Skid Plates are a necessary accessory for going off-road. They provide complete protection for essential components that are otherwise unprotected.

Our all-metal skid plates are completely bolt-on with no cutting or drilling required. The largest coverage skid plate on the market are engineered with drain holes to eliminate suction and make for easier maintenance.

  • subaru engine skid plate

    Subaru Engine Skid Plates

    RalliTEK Engine skid plates from a barrier under your engine. The most robust engine protection on the market.

  • Subaru Transmission Skid Plate

    Subaru Transmission Skid Plates

    Transmission skid plates couples perfectly with our engine skids to provide a seamless armor barrier.

  • Subaru Differential Skid Plates

    Tiny but mighty. These differential skid plates offer a robust platform when dragging the differential over objects.

  • 1/8" Thick Aluminum

  • Tig Welded Construction

  • Port holes for maintenance and debris evacuation

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