Subaru Suspension Lifts: RalliTEK Bilstein Assemblies vs. Others

Subaru Suspension Lifts: RalliTEK Bilstein Assemblies vs. Others

Off-road enthusiasts often seek to enhance their Subaru's performance to handle rugged terrain. RalliTEK, and other companies offer various suspension solutions to meet these demands. Let's explore RalliTEK Bilstein Strut Assemblies and how they stack up against competitors in terms of improving off-road capabilities.

RalliTEK Objective: Advancing Off-Road Performance

Our aim in developing suspension lifts for Subaru's is clear: to exceed existing options and redefine the market. Our lift kits are designed, not only to accommodate aggressive off-road tires, but also to enhance the vehicle's performance in diverse off-road conditions.

Key Features of RalliTEK Bilstein Lift Kits:

  • Improved Handling: Offers better control and maneuverability on off-road trails.
  • Enhanced Clearance: Conquers steep inclines and declines with ease, thanks to improved approach and departure angles.
  • Optimized Off-Road Performance: Allows for confident navigation of various terrains.
  • Increased Load Capacity: Supports additional weight for gear or accessories without sacrificing clearance.
  • Aligns to OEM Specifications: Our lifts allow for OEM alignment specs whereas with a full suspension lift your caster will be out making for pulls over bumps.

    RalliTEK Bilstein Suspension Design:

    Our partnership with Bilstein for the Shocks ensures precise damping control, optimal heat dissipation, and enhanced durability. The design provides reliability in demanding off-road conditions.

    Bilstein shocks, including the B8 and B6 series, feature a advanced design. These offer better heat dissipation, more consistent damping performance, and resistance to fade during prolonged or aggressive driving. Bilstein's monotube shocks are known for their precise damping characteristics, providing improved handling and control, especially in high-performance and off-road applications.

    RalliTEK Bilstein Suspension Spring Rate and Valving

    Our Bilstein Suspension features our RalliTEK branded springs. These have been purpose built for the "weekend warrior" type driver. We use a linear spring rate design allowing for good on-road driving dynamics and ride quality while having a higher spring rate for support for weight, accessories, and overall handling. This allows the car to have sharper turn-in and less body roll allowing for a more confident driving characteristics.

    The Bilstein Struts feature a digressive valving profile. Bilstein is famous for this and what give them there sporty feel. This works well with our springs as it helps slow the rebound of the spring resulting in better compliance and feel from the suspension and reducing harshness. With the digressive tuning this supple feel from the suspension only gets better with the faster speeds. In combination with our higher spring rate this gives you confidence to drive like you mean it and not feel like the vehicle will loose control or stability.

    Competitors' Perspective: Other Brand's Suspension

    Other brands offer budget-friendly options with standard designs. While these alternatives are more affordable, but they do not deliver the same level of precision and durability as our RalliTEK Bilstein Assemblies.

    These utilize a standard design for its shocks, similar to OEM Subaru struts. While these shocks are simpler in design and often more cost-effective to manufacture, they do not offer the same level of performance and durability as the Bilstein design.

    Other brands do not run a spring profile like we do and use a more progressive design. This causes issues as the spring rate is not able to be achieved for the support of added weight and accessories without compromising ride quality.

    A large portion of the springs durability comes from the spring steel used. We use a High Tensile Chrome Silicon spring steel whereas others will not use a standard spring steel. This causes for spring collapse sooner and easier than our Chrome Silicon spring steel will. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our springs against spring collapse, rusting, corrosion, or failure. We're 100% confident in our spring design and it's ability to hold up to to whatever you may throw at it.

    Choosing Your Off-Road Solution: RalliTEK vs. Other Brands Suspension

    Your choice between RalliTEK and other brands depends on your priorities. RalliTEK Bilstein Shocks offer top-notch performance and durability, while others provide a more economical option.

    Conclusion: Elevating Your Off-Road Experience

    For Subaru enthusiasts seeking to enhance their off-road adventures, RalliTEK suspension solutions offer a reliable and performance-driven option. With our commitment to innovation and quality, paired with Bilstein Shocks, your will be primed for off-road excellence. Choose RalliTEK and embark on unforgettable off-road journeys with confidence.

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