RalliTEK 2008 WRX Build

Wednesday, June 09, 2010
  • Liberal front and Rear Bumpers imported from Japan
  • Custom Graphics by Tommy’s Tinting located in Portland Oregon
  • PIAA Sport Mesh Wheels 18x8” with 225/45/18 Tires
  • PIAA Super silicone wiper blades
  • PIAA Extreme White Headlight Bulbs
  • Tinted Windows and Lights
The graphics were developed by Tommy’s Tinting in Portland Oregon. The theme is a “Rip” style vinyl with a panoramic view of downtown Portland’s waterfront skyline. The vinyl was designed for the SEMA show in Las Vegas to promote the spirit of Portland and the Pacific Northwest. On the hood we featured “Mt. Hood” which is one of the largest and most visited tourist attractions in the NW.
To achieve the aggressive and unique look, Tommy’s Tinting tinted all windows and lights.
PIAA lighting company has been manufacturing wheels for many years. PIAA is best known for lighting equipment. We worked with PIAA to promote and distribute their wheel line. We liked the “Mesh” look they offered much like a BBS. The PIAA wheels are called “Sport Mesh” and come in dark Anthracite color.
PIAA also set us up with headlight bulbs and with a set of their Silicone Wiper Blades.
We’re one of AVO’s premier distributors out of Australia and Japan. AVO utilizes our shop for most of their R&D for USDM Subaru models. The Liberal Bumpers came from AVO Japan. We had them painted at Wentworth Subaru located here in Portland Oregon. Wentworth painted over some of the exterior chrome trim pieces matching the body and bumpers.
Engine Modifications:
We wanted to develop a true “Turn Key” power kit. Stage Kits are popular in the Subaru community, but it’s hard to find a turbo upgrade kit that has all the necessary components that have been proven and tuned properly for reliability out of the box. The RalliTEK stage 3 kits utilize AVO’s 380 turbocharger. AVO is the only aftermarket manufacture for the “LGT” style flat flange on the compressor housing.
The WRX models starting in 2008 started using this “flat flange” and intercooler set up found on the 2005- Legacy GT models. RalliTEK and AVO has catered to the Legacy owner for many years. When the 2008- WRX was available, RalliTEK was ready to promote many items already developed. Those products configure our Stage 3 kit tuned for pump fuel and E85 bio fuels. The stage kits are sold with all the necessary components to support the larger 380 turbocharger. We chose to invest in mapping the WRX using E85 due to the price and HP capability.
RalliTEK Stage 3 Ultimate Kit includes:
  • AVO 380 Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbocharger
  • AVO Front Mount Intercooler
  • AVO Silicone Turbo Inlet Tube
  • AVO Intake System
  • Deatchwerks 850cc Injectors “capable for running E85 fuel”
  • AVO High Volume Fuel Pump
  • Cobb Accessport “Protuned” by Sean Sexton
  • MXP Turbo back exhaust
  • RalliTEK HD Turbo Controller Valve
Suspension Upgrades:
  • RalliTEK Track Spec Sway Bar Kit -- 25mm Front Bar 22mm Rear Bar
  • RalliTEK Front HD Endlinks
  • RalliTEK Rear HD Endlinks
  • RalliTEK Lowering Springs
  • AVO Underbody Chassis Braces
  • Cusco Front and Rear Chassis Braces
  • Whiteline Sway Bar Reinforcement Brackets
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