Building The Ultimate Overlanding Subaru?

Building The Ultimate Overlanding Subaru?

So, you've got a 2019-2023 Subaru Ascent and you're looking to take it to the next level. Well, you're in luck! We've put together a comprehensive build page that will guide you through the process of transforming your Ascent into the ultimate off-road machine. Get ready to tackle any terrain with confidence and style!

What do you need for this build?

What we recommend getting the most out of your Subaru Ascent:

Step 1: Suspension Upgrades

The first step in building your ultimate Subaru Ascent is to upgrade the suspension. We started by installing the RalliTEK 2" Suspension Spacer Lift Kit to give the Ascent a lifted stance. This will improve ground clearance and the approach angle of the vehicle.

For enhanced stability and control we chose to add our springs to the stock struts for a more fine-tuned driving experience. We installed the RalliTEK  1/2" Front Spring and RalliTEK 1/2" Rear Overload Springs. These components will allow you to fine-tune your suspension settings and optimize your Ascent's performance on and off the road.

Finally, upgrade the rear Toe Arms and Control Arms with RalliTEK Heavy Duty Adjustable Toe Arms and RalliTEK Adjustable Rear Control Arms. These upgraded Toe Arms and Control Arms will provide increased strength and durability, ensuring the Ascent suspension can handle the toughest challenges.

Step 2: Wheels and Tires 

Now that the Subaru Ascent's suspension is upgraded, it's time to add proper wheel and tire fitment. The set-up we choose to run was an 18" wheel paired with a 255/65/R18 tire for more sidewall. You can choose to run a 20" wheel paired with 255/55/R20 but you may lose traction when off roading. Increasing the sidewall height can give the Ascent additional traction and height without the added weight. 

Step 3: Skid Plates and Rock Sliders

Protecting the Ascent's underbody is crucial when venturing off-road. We Installed the RalliTEK Underbody Protection Package to safeguard the vehicle's vital components from rocks, debris, and other hazards.

For added protection and functionality, we added the RalliTEK Rock Sliders. These rugged rock sliders will not only protect the Ascent's rocker panels but also serve as a convenient step for easier access to the roof rack or roof top tent.

Step 4: Lighting Upgrades

We felt we needed to enhance the visibility during nighttime off-road adventures with the Rally Innovations Light Bar - Fits 2019-2023 Subaru Ascent paired with Hella 500 Series Light Kit. This Light Bar is specifically designed to fit the 2019-2023 Subaru Ascent and provides a sturdy mounting point for additional lighting. Paired with the Hella Fog Light Kit improved visibility in foggy or low-light tremendously.

Step 5: Easy Access to Rooftop Accessories

We completed our build with the RalliTEK Edition Square Tube Rear Ladder. This ladder not only adds a rugged and stylish look to your Ascent but also provides easy access to our roof rack with our OVS Nomadic 180 Universal Awning. If you're looking for an ideal Rooftop Tent to go with this set-up for your Overlanding adventures, we recommend the OVS Mamba 3 Roof Top Tent. It's the perfect finishing touch for your ultimate adventure vehicle.

With these upgrades, your 2019-2023 Subaru Ascent will be transformed into an off-road beast, ready to conquer any trail or terrain. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your dream Ascent today!

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Want to build Your Ascent?

Experience the full potential of your 2019-2023 Subaru Ascent with our wide selection of quality, RalliTEK suspension products and RalliTEK armor products. This page has our complete build out of our very own 2020 Subaru Ascent.

  • Suspension Upgrades

    • Ascent - 2" Suspension Spacer Lift Kit
    • Ascent - Adjustable Rear Control Arms
    • Ascent - RalliTEK Heavy Duty Adjustable Toe Arm
    • Ascent - RalliTEK Lifted HD Adjustable Front Endlink
    • Ascent - RalliTEK 1/2" Front Springs
    • Ascent - RalliTEK 1/2" Rear Overload Spring
    • Ascent - RalliTEK HD Adjustable Rear Endlink

  • Undercarriage Protection

    • Ascent - RalliTEK Underbody Protection Package
    • Ascent - RalliTEK Rock Sliders
  • Additional Upgrades

    • Rally Light Bar - Fits 2019-2023 Subaru Ascent
    • Hella 500 Series 12v H3 Fog Light Kit - Fits Subaru Ascent
    • RalliTEK Edition Square Tube Rear Ladder - Fits 2019 - 2022 Subaru Ascent
    • Wilco Offroad Hitchgate Switch

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