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1-3/4" Rear Super Raised Overload Spring Kit - Fits 2015-2019 Subaru Outback

1-3/4" Rear Super Raised Overload Spring Kit - Fits 2015-2019 Subaru Outback

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Include RalliTEK Subframe Spacers

Outback Lift Kit

These overload springs are designed to help eliminate the "sagginess" out of the rear that the Outback is famously known for. Their increased spring rate also allows for better street stability and higher towing capability, all while maintaining off-road articulation.


  • Ride Height: Estimated +1.75" LIFT*
  • 0.75" RalliTEK Springs
  • 1" RalliTEK Spacer
  • Spring Rate: 355 lb/in
  • 18-20% stiffer than OEM
  • Fits with OEM and KYB struts
  • Increases street stability and towing capacity
  • Increases off-road performance



*Product Disclaimer:

The advertised ride height specified for this product is a measurement taken from a completely stock vehicle. Your vehicle's actual ride height after installing these springs may be more or less depending on your vehicle's trim package, add-ons, or additional modifications.

More about RalliTEK:

RalliTEK’s purpose for their springs is to provide an everyday solution for individuals who commute daily with their vehicle, but also enjoy adventures up to the mountain or country trail for winter sports or summer shenanigans. Springs that would not only solve relevant issues but also improve the vehicle’s ability to perform in different climates around North America.


RalliTEK springs are designed, built, tested, and supported in Portland, Oregon, USA. A place is known for it's varying climates and terrain. RalliTEK's springs come with guarantees of satisfaction, manufacture warranties, and faster customer support than other off-road spring brands on the market.


RalliTEK springs are made from chrome silicon spring steel. Chrome silicon spring steel is awesome for conditions involving high stress and for applications where shock or impact loading occurs. Chrome silicon wire can withstand higher and lower temperatures than high-carbon steel wire which makes it an obvious choice for RalliTEK users that make regular mountain trips in the snow and to Mordor. These springs make street driving more fun when unloaded due to the increase in the spring rate. Riding on the trail when loaded with RalliTEK springs makes steering response and tracking much more predictable than with the same weight on factory springs. 


Product Warning:

RalliTEK does not recommend using overload springs with any upgraded rear sway bar unless you also upgrade the front suspension of your vehicle. This is to avoid increased oversteer.



What is the difference between King and RalliTEK springs?


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What's in the Box

2 - Rallitek rear raised overload springs

2 - Rallitek rear spacer

2 - RalliTEK rear spacer

4 - RalliTEK subframe drop spacers

2 - RalliTEK brake line bracket 

1 - Hardware kit


Installation Instructions


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