Installation Difficulty Guide

Our Installation Difficulty Rating system helps customers gauge the difficulty of installation for each of our products. Below is a key to what each rating indicates.

NOTE: These ratings are only guidelines to help you understand what it takes (in our opinion) to install our products. By providing this information, RalliTEK assumes you know your own limits, knowledge, and understanding of automotive product installation and assumes no liability for your installation decisions or quality. RalliTEK recommends all of our products be professionally installed. If you choose to install yourself, you assume all risk and liability. If you're unsure about installing a product, we recommend referencing our dealer/installer map to schedule professional installation.


1) Basic hand tools required. Little to no technical knowledge needed to install this product. Can be installed without raising the vehicle or any additional installation prep.


2) Basic hand tools required. Possible other tools needed (e.g. grease gun, trim removal tools, pry bars, jack, jackstands, etc). May require light assembly. Basic mechanical knowledge needed to install.


3) Various tools required including specialty tools. May require minor trimming or cutting. Intermediate technical knowledge needed to install (e.g. understanding suspension systems, ​other complex automotive systems). *Professional alignment may be required.


4) Various tools required including specialty tools. May require trimming, cutting, drilling, etc. Advanced technical knowledge required to install. Professional installation highly recommended. *Professional alignment may be required.


5) Professional installation required. Proof of professional installation will be required for any RalliTEK warranty to be considered.


*Many of our products require an alignment after installation is complete which will be indicated in the installation instructions. Alignments should always be performed by a professional and will insure the best outcome for your newly installed RalliTEK products and your vehicle's drivability and long-term performance.*