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0" Front KYB Excel-G Suspension Lift - Fits 00-04 Subaru Outback

0" Front KYB Excel-G Suspension Lift - Fits 00-04 Subaru Outback

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Ever watch a NASCAR pit crew change a tire? This is how you'll feel when you hot swap your old struts for a pre-assembled kit by RalliTEK! Whether you have worn out struts and springs, or you just don't want to deal with a spring compressor, put RalliTEK on your team and know that you'll be taken care of.


Ride Height: +0" LIFT*

Kit Includes:

  • KYB Front Struts & Mounts
  • 0" OEM Height RalliTEK Front Springs
  • Subaru Dust Boots & Bump Stops
  • Pair of completed struts (2)





*Product Disclaimer:


The advertized ride height specified for this product is a measurement taken from a completely stock vehicle. Your vehicle's actual ride height after installing these springs may be more or less depending on your vehicle's trim package, addons, or additional modifications.

KYB Struts:

KYB is the world's largest supplier of shocks and struts to new vehicle manufacturers, and the Excel-G is built on the same assembly lines. It uses the very same high quality components that together work to restore the vehicle's originally designed capabilities such as handling and stability. The Excel-G is a twin-tube gas hydraulic shock that consists of an inner working cylinder and an outer fluid reservoir. The shaft and piston force hydraulic fluid in and out of both, which dampens the vehicle's body movement. Two multi-stage valves in the shock work to provide better handling characteristics during virtually all driving conditions. The working cylinder that the piston works in is also very important, that's why the experts at KYB use extruded tubing which provides a positive seal and consistent performance.


KYB Strut Mounts:

As the name implies, the strut mount is a component that attaches the suspension strut to the vehicle. The strut mount optimizes suspension performance by providing a smooth steering response and reducing vibration. The strut mount includes an insulator and on front struts, a steering pivot bearing. The insulator gets pushed and pulled as many as 1,500 times for every mile driven, and the bearing rotates every time you turn the steering wheel, so it’s easy to see how this part can become worn. To prevent noise and vibration, and preserve smooth steering and proper front end alignment, when you install new KYB struts, install new KYB strut mounts as well. They’re built to meet or exceed OE quality.


RalliTEK Springs:

The Subaru Outback is a rugged, yet versatile vehicle. They are used to gather groceries from the local market or strictly as a tool to get the world's most adventurous people to their sometimes hard to reach destination of choice. Either way, people trust their Subaru Outback to take them on their adventure. 


RalliTEK has developed these front springs to help eliminate some of the "sagginess" out of the front end during cornering and offroad adventures. Paired with RalliTEK's rear overload springs, these front springs really shine.


This front spring maintains proper ground clearance, suspension alignment, and headlight throw as you carry heavy loads or tow a small utility trailer. RalliTEK designed these springs about 18% stiffer than OE for improved performance while maintaining ride quality.


RalliTEK springs are a direct replacement for OE springs. If you find yourself overloading the cargo area of your Outback and wish you could maintain the ride height, try out RalliTEK's rear overload springs!


During the assembly process, springs tend to receive small scratches/marks from the spring compressor. This does not affect performance and will not cause premature ware of the spring.


Assemblies are built when orders are placed. Please allow 5 additional business days for us to collect parts and get you on our shop's schedule. You will receive an email when you are on our schedule. At this time, it should be about 1-2 days before your order is shipped!



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What's in the Box

  • 2 x RalliTEK front springs 
  • 2 x KYB Excel-G struts 
  • 2 x KYB strut mounts


Installation Instructions


Compatible with:

2000 Subaru Outback

2001 Subaru Outback 

2002 Subaru Outback 

2003 Subaru Outback

2004 Subaru Outback