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Lifted HD Adjustable Front Endlinks - Fits 19-24 Subaru Ascent

Lifted HD Adjustable Front Endlinks - Fits 19-24 Subaru Ascent


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Swaybar Quick Disconnects
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RalliTEK designed these direct replacement extended/adjustable front HD end links specifically for lifted applications. Featuring an anodized aluminum turnbuckle with lock nuts for easy length adjustment. Our HD end links help reduce suspension slop and increase side-to-side response. These are compatible with factory or aftermarket sway bars. 


  • 30% thicker material than the factory links
  • Outlast and outperform OEM end links
  • Extended length optimized for lifted applications
  • Sold As A Pair

RalliTEK designed a direct replacement HD endlink that will work with factory or aftermarket sway bars.

 RalliTEK HD heavy-duty endlinks are designed to outlast and outperform your factory sway bar endlinks. Featuring a polished steel ball and socket, (factory endlinks utilize a plastic socket to ensure smooth operation but at the cost of strength)

 RalliTEK HD endlinks features, a material 30% more rigid than the factory, steel alloy construction, polished steel ball socket(not plastic like factory), and adjustable length to dial in the perfect bar angle at any ride height. These are a perfect addition when upgrading your sway bars or when changing your ride height.

*This Product Contains Two Endlinks*

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Subi G.
RalliTek made it right

RalliTek customer support is great. I suggest reading the instructions to include the "NOTES" section. You can not install if you have relocating end link brackets. Just remove the relocation brackets and won't feel like an idiot when you install them.

Subi G,

We have been running these on our company rigs for 6 years now with over 170,000 miles on 3 test vehicles and 1000s miles off-roading miles. They are much stronger than stock and do not bend easily. We have sold 1000s of sets
If something else is happening, please reach out to and we will get them warrantied for you as a courtesy.

Thank you

Team Rallitek

Great Price and units. GET THESE!

I Ordered a 2" lift kit from one of the other popular sites on sale,ahem I'm sorry Rallitek lol. Browsing here I saw these and figured since the suspension would be apart I might as well and go ahead with the extra beef. With all the new add ons there's no body roll in turns and handles dirt and forest roads great.

Jacob B.

They look great, definitely heavier duty, and so far so good. Make sure to torque them. I don’t know why OEM aren’t made like this.

Jaxon D.
Great product but I wish instructions were a little more clear

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these end links, and I highly recommend them! Wrapping my head around how the suspension works on my 2021 Forester was a different story. The only reason I am leaving a 4-star and not a 5-star review is that the installation instructions don't explain that the end link actually needs to be shorter, NOT longer, after a 2" lift.

If you buy these, here is the easiest way I found to install them.
1. Jack up the front end and remove tires
2. install each end link (keep the length at about 11") but don't tighten the lock nuts all the way yet.
3. Put the wheels back on the vehicle and take it off the jack stands
4. Drive the vehicle forward and backward, turn your wheels both directions a few times as well to get the suspension to settle
5. With the car on the ground and wheels straight, adjust the turnbuckle on each end link until you find the middle point of least resistance (make sure you check each one a couple times)
6. Once you're happy with where they're at, hand tighten the lock nuts.
7. Jack up the front end again, and remove the wheels.
8. Torque down the lock nuts.
9. Torque down the end links again to be sure.
10. Grease the ball joints up with red n tacky #2
11. Put the wheels on and drop the vehicle.

I found this video really helpful, but don't worry about weighting down the drivers seat for corner balancing (unless you lifted your forester to race it...?). He only installs one end link, but the steps are the same for installing two end links, just do everything he does to both end links. Here's the link:

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Lifted HD Adjustable Front Endlinks. We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that you are satisfied with the product overall.

We apologize for any confusion with the installation instructions and thank you for sharing your helpful tips for others who may be installing these endlinks. We will take your feedback into consideration for future improvements.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We are always here to assist you.

Thank you for choosing our product and for being a loyal customer.

Great Solution for Rubbing Stock Endlinks after 3" drop

After the 3" drop from my coilovers settled in, the stock front sway bar endlinks were occasionally rubbing on the stock control arms on my Outback XT.

After some searching and DM help (thank you Dallin Richards) the adjustable endlinks were just what I needed to rotate the sway bar mount and get the endlinks out of the way.

I adjusted them to the lowest length 10.5" which was plenty to make clearance from the stock 12" length.

They required greasing with Red "N" Tacky grease and adjustment prior to installing but the rubbing is gone!

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What's in the Box

x2 RalliTEK Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks

If Selected:
x2 Swaybar Quick Disconnects
x2 Swaybar Disconnect Strap System
x2 Swaybar Disconnect Strap Mount

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