COBB Tuning Turbo Heatshield - Fits Subaru WRX 2009-2014

COBB Tuning Turbo Heatshield - Fits Subaru WRX 2009-2014

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The COBB Tuning Stainless Steel Heatshield is in-house designed by Cobb and is a replacement for the factory turbo heat shield found on most vehicles. A modification which goes hand in hand with an aftermarket downpipe install, the heatshield prevents the heat from exhaust gas temperatures from venting into the engine bay, thereby reducing heat soak into key components that benefit from cooler ambient temperature, such as the intercooler. Clearance and fitment as verified to go with most stock or aftermarket downpipes that you may run on the vehicle.

Designed to replace the factory turbo heatshield, Cobb Tuning's Stainless Steel replacement is ideal when installing aftermarket downpipes. The factory turbo heatshield does not fit when installing most bellmouth or divorced downpipe designs without trimming. Cobb's SS Heatshield is specifically designed to retain the function of the factory heatshield while still fitting over all aftermarket downpipe designs. 

Running without a turbo heatshield can increase underhood temperatures and unnecessarily heat your intercooler (heat soak).



  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Laser Cut & Etched
  • Works with Stock or Aftermarket Downpipes
  • Designed for Stock Turbo Applications
  • Reduce Heat Soak

Note: Designed for stock turbo applications.

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