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Tomioka TD06-20G Twin Scroll Turbo Kit - STI Hatchback 2008-2014

Tomioka TD06-20G Twin Scroll Turbo Kit - STI Hatchback 2008-2014

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The Tomioka Racing Twin Scroll Turbo line is catered to the die-hard Subaru fans! This twin-scroll turbo kit is an efficient and economical way to replace or upgrade your current twin-scroll set up on your Subaru. This Tomioka Turbo Kit directly bolts on, featuring a USDM-length twin-scroll downpipe, and also boasts more boost power than the standard VF series turbo. With a TD06 housing and a twin-scroll setup, this Tomioka Turbo Kit also greatly improves spool time compared to the standard TD06 turbo!


Expect a shipping delay of up to 3 days if the ported option is selected during purchase.


Fits 2008-2014 STI Hatchback Only!

Your vehicle must have twin-scroll set-up in order to run this turbo kit. 

Kit Contents:

  • Twin Scroll Turbo
  • Twin Scroll Manifold
  • 3-Bolt Up-Pipe
  • Twin Scroll USDM Downpipe
  • Bracket
  • Hardware Kit

Turbo Characteristics:

Bearing Type: Journal
Flange Type: Standard Subaru 5-Bolts
Compressor Wheel In: 51 mm
Ex: 58 mm

Turbine Wheel

In: 68 mm
Ex: 56 mm
Actuator: 1 Bar / 14.7 psi
Turbine Housing: 8 cm2
Max. Power: 500 HP


TR complete bolt-on turbo kits are ideal for wide range of tuning from stock engines to those which have had upgraded internals.


Using experiences learned on the track and feedback from other tuners, TR development in turbo technology has allowed us to provide turbo kit solutions for users who require smooth power delivery for the street and enjoyable sport driving. These turbo kits have been designed to offer a boost in power without sacrificing the response found in stock turbos and provide extra performance and without additional cost.



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