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Front Skid Plate - Fits 05-09 Subaru Legacy and Outback

Way sturdier than OEM

I got these for a bit more peace of mind since my Crosstrek has a 2” lift. Once I removed the OEM links and compared these side-by-side with them, I was kind of shocked at how thin and seemingly weak the OEM links were. Once I popped these on and greased the ball sockets, I observed an unexpected, but noticeable difference in the handling of the car - feels smoother when turning and cornering. I originally only bought these for the added durability, so the improved ride quality is a surprising and welcomed bonus.

Easy and nice

Installed in about an hour and I've bounced it off some rocks and dirt. No movement, no bending, solid.

Good for every application

Whether lowered, lifted, or replacing your old broken ones, these things are what you want, hands down.

2007 FXT: Went from old saggy springs on 2" ADF to these springs with no ADF lift and am liking it

- Car specs -
2007 Forester XT Limited Auto
Struts - KYB Excel-G with low miles
Tires - Yokohama Geolander M/T G003, 225/65r17, under 300 miles so 17/32" tread depth, @ 25 psi
Added vehicle weight - ~200 lbs including Apex 5500lb winch w/ big winch plate, roof basket with spare wheel and hand tools, Pelican case with ~80 lbs of stuff in it, subwoofer, air compressor, another air compressor and battery jumper.

- Lift height -
Before installing the Rallitek springs, I measured my sag/droop at 6" front, 5" rear. I expected the new springs to lift me an inch but it actually lifted me about 2" front and rear. My OEM springs had 198k miles and 17 years on them so they were worn out it seems.

- Ground Clearance -
I measured at several locations on the car before and after but wasn't perfect with my methods. Reminder: I removed the 2" ADF strut-top spacers and added the Rallitek 1" lift springs.
Rear diff (no skid) went from 11.8" to 12.0".
Grimmspeed downpipe and Invidia catback measurements stayed about the same somehow, maybe cuz human error, which was 11.6" at the muffler, 10.2" at the midpipe resonator, and 10.3" at the cat in the downpipe. It's going to continue getting hit as I offroad, sadly. I want to find an OEM catback or get a custom one made with ground clearance in mind.
My camera that is stuck to the bottom of the AT pan seems to have gained 0.5" of lift, now at 10.5".
Primitive front skid plate went from 9.8" to 10.2" at the lowest point. Sorry, no oil pan measurements for you.

- Ride Quality / On-road Performance -
Still soft enough for me to daily it with the family, but noticeably firmer than my worn out OEM springs, as expected. My sway bars are deleted and these springs eliminated a lot of the resulting increased body-roll. Cornering was one big benefit I was looking forward to.

- Off-road Performance -
I barely have 40 miles / 2 hours back-roading with these, but I'm loving the increased firmness. I hit a bit of a jump that I've hit several times before and it handled it much better. I think I can actually catch air and land without worrying about bottoming out super hard.
My alignment was bad at the time, not due to the springs, so I shouldn't judge the way it wandered when I was hitting washboards on the gravel road. It was wandering on the highway, too, with a bunch of toe-in. Still, I was hammering the road pretty hard, drifting a bit in some of the faster corners and slamming big potholes that form in mountain backroads of the Rocky Mountains, and the springs handled it great.

- Cargo Capacity -
I can actually carry stuff in and on my car now without worrying about a big loss of ground clearance or performance. A big upgrade for me that I was looking forward to.

- Installation -
I did it myself with the Harbor Freight spring compressor tool. One tricky part is getting the tool off the rear springs once mounted to the strut. There isn't enough space to get the tool off, so you have to remove the 2 arms of the tool to free it and you might scrape the blue Rallitek coating on the springs (sad face). I had to compress 4 rungs for the rears. For the fronts, only had to do 3 rungs and didn't have to disassemble the spring-compressor tool to free it. The tool says not to torque it past 15 ft/lb, but I had it all oiled up and still needed over 50 ft/lb to compressed the springs far enough to mount on the struts. The tool is kind of a pile but it worked and I didn't die (the safety loop thing they provide doesn't actually fit onto it so it's kinda sketchy to use).

- Camber / Alignment -
I have front and rear camber bolts. All 4 were set to their maximum negative (lowest?) camber. I took the car to the local Subaru dealer to get it aligned. Here were the results:
Camber front: -0.2° | -0.9° after -0.3° | -0.3°
Camber rear: +0.4° | -0.1° after +0.4° | -0.1°
I forgot to tell them I added rear camber bolts. I might play with the left rear since it's +0.4°.
Toe Front: +0.96° | +1.49° after +0.01° | +0.02°
Toe Rear: +0.07° | -0.42° after +0.02° | -0.05°
Steer Ahead: -0.27° after 0.00°
Thrust angle: +0.24° after +0.03°

- Thoughts about adding strut-top spacers to go higher -
If you have good OEM axles, especially with those extended-travel boots, you could probably add 1" in front and 1.5" in the back. I don't think my current axles can handle it, which are old OEM rears and new Napa fronts. Eventually I will do subframe spacers front and rear and put my 2" ADF strut-top spacers back on. I've already dumped $14k into this rig, what's another $1k (or $60 in hockey pucks)?

- Concerns or issues thus far -
The only thing that kinda concerns me is how hard it clunks when the rears top-out, like when going over speed bumps quickly. I'm not sure why that happens and need to research it still.

Sorry for the novel. Hope you enjoyed it.

Should be OEM Springs

Amazing upgrade for the 2020 to 2024 Outback! If you tow a small boat, or carry bikes/gear via hitch rack on a regular basis this upgrade is a must. With the stiffer springs, the vehicle rides more like a truck, but not harsh at all and it also reduces body roll in corners.

Transmission Skid Plate - Fits 18-23 Subaru Crosstrek

Forester Overload springs

Very happy with these overload springs. Unloaded ride height is still as comfortable as with factory springs, but loaded to the max with roof racks and cargo bag, the ride height is perfect and ride comfort is as good as when empty, no sagging.
Highly reccomend these overload springs.

As shown

Easy and fast!! Love it

Kyb struts

Arrived in a timely manner. Fit properly, work great.

Amazing Best Rack on the Market

I absolutely love this rack strong and super tight fit aero and sleek. I have a roof top tent and it olds all the weight, No problem. I purchased it with the Molle Racks on both sides and they function very well to add rotopax gas and water for the long trips. + They just look cool, let's be honest. A must for me and my overland trip game changer! Only negative a bit difficult to install but well worth it.

It's a ladder.

Installed on a 2023 Outback Wilderness. Found it wasn't quite a perfect fit, and I had to get some longer bolts and a few spacers to install the bracket on the bottom. works fine, and the weight isn't directly on that bracket, so no worries other than the hardware.

It is to heavy for my rear hatch however, which seems to be a bit of a unique case, or others haven't highlighted in reviews.

Wouldn't buy again, but the product is solid, well made, and easy to install.

200 mile on road review

Should have come from Subaru with this suspension. Slightly firmer ride. Ride height looks great with stock tires. Handling feels sportier fun to drive. Rear end does not sag with 400lbs of weight. I did not give 5 stars because I have not done any off road travel. Very satisfied with RalliTek kit.

Should've bought them sooner

I replaced my stock trailing arms after one of them snapped while off-roading. Rallitek's are way beefier and I have full confidence that they won't suffer the same fate.

Mind blown!!

These coilovers make my forester feel like a Cadillac!! It’s like night and day!!


Game changer. Took my 09 Forester XT to the next level. Could not believe the crap I could climb up after the. Install and the noise is very minimal had Rallitek install it they know their stuff! Running the RedLine fluid they recommend

Great investment

Love this kit! I was really hesitant making the investment as I also had to pay a shop for installation. But the result was well worth it! Not only did I gain over 1" of ground clearance for off road use, but my daily driver handling is WAY better than the splashy feel of the OEM setup. Very satisfied!

Thanks for the review!

C clips should be shipped loose

Comes with new c clips that are already installed in the locker. This makes it a PITA to pop the axles back in. They should leave the new c clips separate from the locker so the customer can put them on the axles before popping the axles back in.

Quality products poor service

I said it. Go with another brand that’s equally good in quality but better support.

Crosstrek 1” lift with rear overload

Absolutely love these springs so far! They lifted my 2021 Crosstrek beautifully and now the rear end is holding up well to all the weight I have back there. Loaded down the vehicle handles so much better!
Highly recommended for anyone carrying weight on your hitch especially

Don’t buy!!!!!

Too heavy!!!! I purchased both right & left new struts from Subaru because my existing struts couldn’t hold the tailgate. With both brand new struts it still couldn’t hold the tailgate up. False advertising on the web page stating that it would hold up the door. Plus since I installed the ladder Rallitex said I couldn’t return the latter!!!!!! I’m going to post this on the web page and anywhere I can on the internet!!!!

Fits great as advertised

I have a lifted 2005 Impreza Outback Sport. Fits great and has already saved my oil pan multiple times. Rallitek is the best.

2024 Subaru Outback

Will this fit a 2024 Outback Subaru Wilderness?

Hello David,

We just launched a NashFab Roof Rack for the 2024 Subaru Outback Wilderness, check it out!

100% worth it!

The back of my outback was sagging bad when towing or carrying a lot of gear. Now it stay level and the ride is firmer but still comfortable.