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1" Front Lift Springs - Fits 03-08 Subaru Forester

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Nice improvement

I installed the 1/2” overload rear springs in my 21 Outback TouringXT. The ride is a tad stiffer in back, but, it handles better and the ride is still excellent. The only drawback is that my headlights are now in need of an adjustment up.

No more bottoming out!!!

I purchased the springs because every time I’d make a big trip to Home Depot, or camping, any big bump would bottom out the rear suspension of our Subaru 2020 outback. After installing the springs, the problem is completely gone. no more sagging so low that the wheels almost touch the top of the wheel wells. and surprisingly, the ride is still perfect on roads and freeways. I can’t really tell the difference. The only change is when going over big bumps or speed bumps in a parking lot. It’s stiffer now, but well worth The load carrying capacity.

very well built.

I was really happy with the quality of the product. I was REALLY disappointed with the shipping. It took an eternity to arrive after order. I was also really disappointed there were no spacers for the carrier bearing and that there was no mention at all of needing to drop the carrier bearing. I installed the spacers, performed an alignment test drove and put a big gouge in my driveshaft because the angle was so severe the differential brace rubbed the driveshaft right at the rear yoke. I was able to correct the angle and stop the rubbing easily enough by making spacers out of 3 stacked washers on both carrier bearing bolts. For the price, I think it should've come with those or at very least, mentioned the need to fabricate them yourself in the instructions.

Best upgrade you can do if you drive the back roads

Exceptional, can’t describe it any other way. Steering is sharp, ride is supers and the travel, the real point, is great considering all other points mentioned. We know every inch counts (that’s what she said) so make it happen

Rally Armor Basic Universal Mud Flaps

Great wish I would have known

So I love the ride height and I got the B6 Suspension 3/4" kit and it's really smooth.

However I have a vibration wobble when beginning to accelerate or make turns. I believe the angle of my drive shaft is affected by this lift so now I need to either replace my drive shaft or try spacers for the shaft transfer case. So not sure what I am going to move forward with but if I would have known I would have made sure to look into that first


Thank you for your review. I would suggest giving us a call at 503-619-0055 and we can talk about the vibration issue. We want to make sure the kit was installed correctly and that would not be causing the vibration. We have installed thousands of these kits and some over 2 inches and we haven't had this issue.

Overland Vehicle Systems Tire Repair Kit 53 Piece Set

Capable is an understatement.

To start, no, it not cheap, but that being said you absolutely get what you pay for here. I didn’t want coilovers as it’s my daily and didn’t want to tune my suspension do be “decent” on road and great off road and vise versa. These assembled kits from RalliTEK are just so good I’m still impressed a month after testing. I did have to use a porta power for the rear but other than that assembly wasn’t bad at all. Handles way better than factory and definitely added at least 1” of clearance. I unfortunately didn’t take a “before and after” but here are some photos. Highly recommend, RalliTEK put some work in on these kits and it shows.

Great struts/ probably the best one

Awesome struts. Can't wait to install them with RalliTek springs on my crosstrek. Thanks, RalliTek. Quick delivery even that struts were backordered. Took about 10 days.

Easy install

After you drill out all the rivets to remove the old one, this bolts right on. Took me about a half hour to remove the old and 5 min to install this.

Lift Plus Better Trailering Ability

This is my second purchase, this one for my '23 Onyx XT, and it offers overload ability and an additional 1/2" of lift combined with the 2" lift kit. I can haul my motorcycle on my bike carrier. Ensure that you have a hitch that can carry enough of a tongue weight and consider the forces it must withstand when under load and coping with dips and acute vertical weight transfers and stay well within critical loads, or suffer untimely catastrophic failures, which I've seen.

These springs work well and look great, but do expect to lose the plush factory ride. Railroad tracks require a decent slow, planned crossing, or teeth chatter can occur.

Hope this helps.

2013 Outback

Paired with Bilstein B6s these firmed up the ride on our 2013 outback. Not a sportscar but definitely nicer ride.


Thank you for the review, we are glad you are happy with your new springs. Could we kindly ask you to update your 'star rating' to match your review?

Great lift kit!

The lift was fairly easy to install using the video they have on their YouTube channel.

Sick plates super easy install if you can jack car up enough to get under

Great Quality Kit

Rallitek is our go to for our Subaru builds. You can tell the quality just by looking at the parts, and nothing is forgotten in their kits. If you want to lift your Subaru once, the right way, use a Rallitek kit. With the correct wheel sizing you can fit 265/60R18 easily with some minor fender liner mods.


Bought this lift back in the fall. Finally got around to installing it. Looks so much better now. Eliminated saggy rear end and give it some nice ground clearance without being crazy. Handles well and had no problems getting the alignment within spec. Wheel wells look a little empty with the winter tires on it but I have oversized tires for summer that should fill it nicely.

Bushing insert.

So I order the bushing insert for my 2004 Subaru Forester MT and this bushing does not fit well. Even with a new OEM transmission mount, the bushing does not seem to fit as it should. Some of the slop is gone so it does work I just wish you would make one that would fit my transmission mount.

No more saggy rear end

Just had these installed. Not a whole lot of difference in the ride considering the lift kit and K02’s on it. No more saggy rear end when loaded up for an adventure. Not old enough for a saggy rear end anyway.

Exactly What I Was Looking For

These springs feel amazing on the road! The Outback now feels like a rally car as opposed to a boat! Extremely happy with the amount of lift combined with a half inch spacer!

Exactly What I Was Looking For

These springs feel great! They don't feel as firm as I expected them to be, which is good! I am very happy with the amount of lift this combo provided. Just perfect!

Heavy Duty Rear Adjustable Endlinks - Fits 2004-2007 Subaru STI - 2003-2008 Forester

Easy Installation

Super easy to install, didn’t even need to jack the car up

Easy to install

A must for off road or overland journeys

Keep the down unders safe from things called rocks, road kill, other automobile spare parts lying on the interstate!

Really great quality, can't recommend it enough!