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Significant improvement over factory springs

I fitted these springs to a 2022 Outback combined with the 1.5 inch lift. The stance of the vehicle with the 2 inch overall lift is awesome. The ride with the new springs is a lot firmer but by no means uncomfortable. That bouncy wallowing feeling when you go over bumps or expansion joints on a freeway has stopped. I look froward to the next road trip and enjoying a ride that does not bottom out when going over bumps or dips in the road. I also feel more comfortable knowing that I am less likely to scrape the bottom of the vehicle when I go to the cabin or camping. Highly recommend the fitment of the springs as a minimum if you do load your vehicle.

Great Product

Great product, only downside was the nuts included were the wrong size for the screw. Had to find something in the garage that worked since we had everything apart already.

The shifting is night and day after this bracket was installed. If you own this generation of STI or Forester, get this right away!

1/4" Rear Sport Springs - Fits 14-18 Subaru Forester
Brian B.
Great set of springs.

Great product. Used these springs along with Sj 2014-2018 struts to install in my Sh 2009 Forester xt. I read that the newer strut/spring setup would fit my car so wanted to get Rallitek springs to help provide more stiffness since I would be lifting the forester slightly 1.5 inch front and 2 inch rear. This spring along with the 0 inch front springs provided the slightly raked lift I was going for. Having the rear slightly higher would help whenever the car is loaded up. Overall the ride has been real. Smooth yet both firm and soft enough going over bumpier roads. Happy with the product:)

Great quality :)

Super perfect! I‘d buy it again…


Good adherence and coloration. Only on for a month now but decent resilience thus far.

Great springs for my tired Outback

My 2015 Outback has over 150k and needs some love the springs and struts were tired and due for replacement. So I went searching and Rallitek had what I needed, and purchased this spring set.
They raised my tired suspension almost .9 of an inch
they advertise about .25 of an inch but I found with my tired suspension to be closer to an inch from where I was sitting.

I called and asked them if that appeared to be correct Rallitek's service was great they explained all measurements are taken on brand new cars off the showroom floor and things can vary depending on age and package for example mine is a premium with sunroof.

I paired these with new KYB struts and the ride is fantastic night and day differences

To be honest I wish I had done it sooner the reduced body roll in the corners and smothter ride make my car feel like it has a whole new look on life.

Highly recommend these for your 5th gen outback

works well so far it handles off road well
the rubber seal is having trouble already

very cool works well
good for heavy loads
it dose add 1/2” to 3/4” of lift

Antibody protection Complete skid plates

Good stuff excellent protection, thank you very much

Easy to install protection

This was the easiest install I can remember. Took less than twenty minutes. It was harder to change out the sad factory horns!
Very high quality, all parts fit and finish is the best!

Highest quality hardware

For 1, the only 200mm on the market I could find. 2, fantastic quality, threaded like a dream. 3, great customer service thank you Rallitek 👏


This is my second Subaru to run RalliTek springs and lift and I would recommend it to anyone with a Subaru. RalliTek knows their stuff, this is probably the best company to make Subaru lifts. The springs make a world of difference.

Trans. Mount Poly Insert

This thing is awesome! completely stiffens up the driveline to where it should have been from the factory! I am surprised but also not by Subaru’s choice to leave such a big void in the factory transmission mount. The mount is designed to fail prematurely due to there being such a large void between the rubber points, this rectifies that issue PERFECTLY.

Top notch service

Had to replace my first set of end links and RalliTEK’s warranty process and customer service is easily one of the best I have ever experienced.

Before and after photos

Install was straight forward, looks pretty good. Pointed the headlights down quite a bit but easy adjustment.

Install results for the 1/4" lift springs

I had these installed on my 2019 Subaru Outback with 40k kms on it (good strut condition) with the following results:
- The front lifted 20mm
- The rear lifted 0mm
- The ride was crashy and bouncy the springs seemed not matched to the OEM struts and there is no way the post-install ride was anything near factory as written. This may be a mismatch with the AU delivered Outback, but that is up for debate. These springs were uninstalled and now heading for the bin.
Check the part numbers too before you install these as i initially received the wrong ones.
All in all, i expected better from what i believed to be a reputable company.

Poor rubber

Loved these initially, but like the rear endlinks, the rubber on these fail rather quickly. Had them on for under a year and the rubber was failing and cracking at that point. The OEM ones have not had that issue despite being on for years

Great design, but poor rubber

I really wanted to like these, but the rubber boot fails very quickly. I've had my OEM ones on for 2-3 years, and replaced them with these. Nothing was wrong with the OEM, just wanted to try these. Within 6-8 months, I noticed the rubber was tearing and falling apart. Ended up putting my OEMs back one

Fit perfect.

I had to replace my plastic front skid plate because it was demolished. Easy to install, five bolts to attach firmly to vehicle.
The kit only came with 4 gold washers when 5 is needed; this is why I didn’t give 5 star.

These were great! Definitely took out some sloppiness from the transmission.

Husky floor mats!!! For the win!!

These are great. Excellent fitment, look amazing. Durable, easy to clean. Keeps all the dirt and grim trapped to keep your car clean.

Rallitek decal

Love them, look great, long lasting durability! This order bought more.

Simple but pricy

Decent fit, easy install, but pricy. Worked well against snow this weekend but created some snow blocking in the wheel well. Great against gravel and dry debris.

Great set of coils

I'd buy again. Great ride quality, perfect for the trail. Also the warranty is fantastic!

Better than stock, but the grease zerks don't install well.

Everything Rallitek I've had has been really good, but I'm not the biggest fan of these end links. For $100, they could have the end grease zerks installed. I could barely get them started because the shield they go into rotates pretty freely, and even then they were just about impossible to get to go in straight so they just look bad. I know tons of end links have you install the zerks, and I have before, but these just didn't go in well like all others I've worked with.

Hello Mike,

I'm sorry to hear you weren't 100% satisfied. We have actually since revised all of our endlinks to come with grease and the grease fittings installed. If you have any issues due to these concerns we do have a lifetime warranty on our components so just let us know and we can get you taken care of. We appreciate the feedback!