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RalliTEK 0.4" Rear Lift Overload Springs - Fits Subaru Outback 2005-2009

RalliTEK 0.4" Rear Lift Overload Springs - Fits Subaru Outback 2005-2009

Fits Subaru Outback 2005-2009

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RalliTEK 0.4"Rear Lift Overload Springs for the Subaru Outback 2005-2009

If you run constant weight from added accessories on your Subaru, it's time to step up to overload springs. RalliTEK springs are the most advanced springs available for Subaru vehicles.

Our exclusive technology dramatically increases the vehicle's off-road performance while increasing the ability to carry more weight and added accessories.

  • More responsive handling and turn in
  • Spring rate: 355 lb/in
  • 40-45% stiffer than OEM
  • Extremely improved off-road performance
  • Maintains factory on-road ride quality
  • Increases ability to carry more weight on the vehicle
  • Allows capacity to increase tire size
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Visit our Tire Sizing Chart 

** Want an even better ride? Pair our springs with Struts and Shocks for the ultimate off-road package**

Want a completed off-road system? See them here.


These proprietary springs have been rigorously dyno and real-world tested to guarantee the highest quality and best performing springs. During our testing, with the limited space in Subaru models, we found linear springs to be the perfect solution for providing the best performing suspension on the market.

Our dual-rate linear springs bring unexplored levels of performance to the Subaru suspension market. We achieve this through a specific diameter of spring steel, along with the method in which the spring is wound. RalliTEK lift springs are cold wound using a high-tensile chrome silicon spring steel. Chrome silicon spring steel is ideal for conditions involving high-stress applications where shock or impact loading occurs. Before the powder coating process, the springs are subjected to a zinc etching process to ensure a complete corrosion barrier in any weather condition. The outcome is an all-in-one spring that behaves far better with added weight and improves the control and response of the vehicle on every terrain.

Product Disclaimer:

The advertised ride height specified for this product is a measurement taken from a completely stock vehicle. Your vehicle's actual ride height after installing these springs may be more or less depending on your vehicle's trim package, add-ons, or additional modifications.


What is the difference between King and RalliTEK springs?


Product Warning:

RalliTEK does not recommend using overload springs with any upgraded rear sway bar unless you also upgrade the front suspension of your vehicle. This is to avoid increased oversteer.

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