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Manley 33mm Race Master Exhaust Valves - Fits Subaru STI 2004-2017 - WRX 2002-2014 - More

Manley 33mm Race Master Exhaust Valves - Fits Subaru STI 2004-2017 - WRX 2002-2014 - More

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Manley Performance is universally acknowledged as the leading manufacturer of performance and racing valves in the world. The reason for Manley’s overwhelming success is simple: QUALITY. We offer the best materials in the industry-exclusive materials our competitors do not possess. Our stems are hard coated with .0002" thick chrome rather than a few millionths of flash. Our hard tips are superior to competitors’ puddled satellites which can crack and erode off the stem. Our valve head and underhead shapes have been at the forefront of the quest for improved flow since the late 1960s. And always each Manley valve has been price targeted to specific markets to ensure the best possible value to the customer.

Race Master, and the Pro Flo versions identified as Race Flo valves, are manufactured of XH-426 material for the exhausts and NK-842 for the intakes. This series of valves is targeted at the bracket, drag and oval track racers operating below 8000 rpm - above which engine speed titanium valves are generally required. Any engine builder successfully using EV-8 alloy ( 21-4N ) valves will find in this series of Manley valves a superior piece at a most attractive price. The Ultimate Tensile Strength charts on this page and the next, show the Manley Race Series to be equal to the best that the competitors have to offer.

  • Part: 11171-8
  • Type: Exh.
  • Head Diameter: 33mm
  • Stem Diameter: 5.96mm/.2345"
  • Installed Height: Stock
  • O/A Length: 104.75mm
  • Tip Length: 3.5mm
  • Underhead Angle/Radius: 25° x 11/32"
  • Margin: .060
  • Seat Width: .080
  • Top of Head: 20° Dish
  • Quantity: 8
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