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ATP GT35R Turbo - Fits Subaru WRX 08-14 - STI 2015-2022

ATP GT35R Turbo - Fits Subaru WRX 08-14 - STI 2015-2022

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The Garrett GT Ball Bearing GT35R (aka GT3582R aka GT35/40R), the ultimate 600+ HP capable dual ball-bearing turbo, is now available in a drop-in package for the Subaru WRX/STi! The turbo assembly takes no more than 1-2 hours to install in place of the stock journal-bearing VF turbo is made possible by a high-flowing GT-inspired ATP exhaust housing and a series of custom-engineered components built to suit the installation.


*2008 to 2014 WRX (DOES NOT apply to STI model) requires either (A) an aftermarket top mount intercooler with a hose connection to the compressor outlet, or (B) a front mount intercooler

*2015+ WRX STI (equipped with EJ25 engine) compatible

Each GT drop-in turbo package consists of a Garrett factory-assembled and high speed balanced dual ball-bearing CHRA which is then assembled into a set of CNC machine-ported housings that have been optimized in every aspect for maximum flow and efficiency. 

All accompanying oil and coolant supply components included in each kit have been designed to properly and seamlessly bridge the Garrett GT turbo to the EJ engine so that the fit is as close to OEM as possible. 

Just bolt the turbo on, add fueling and a good tune, and prepare for a blast of acceleration. Garrett GT turbos offer more then just peak HP numbers. These GT turbos offer more torque area under the power curve and more accessible power than any other turbo series out there. 

We do recommend that you complement your GT bolt-on turbo with a high-flowing bellmouth downpipe and a high-flowing inlet pipe to effortless channel air in and out of the turbo. Although every bolt-on GT turbo ships with a 3" inlet, we do provide a stepdown sleeve just in case you're forced to use the stock 2.25" inlet hose. However, turbos, especially higher flowing units, love as much inlet flow as possible. This promotes both quicker spoolup and better HP, with less boost pressure at the manifold. The 3" downpipe and bigger inlet are critical for reaching peak efficiency on the GT turbo. Please also be aware that some downpipes, such as the stock catted downpipe, have "no-flow" doors at the wastegate flapper area. This type of downpipe may not allow the wider-swinging wastegate valve to open all the way, thus causing the possibility of a "boost-creep" condition or an uncontrollable rise in boost. 

The GT3582R is a great power-maker on the 2.5L that still has great spoolup, especially if you're looking for best possible torque area under the power curve, but still need a lot of power in the higher RPM's. The GT3582R makes boost about 200 to 300 RPM's later than the GT3076R but keeps pumping where the GT3076R starts to run out after 500HP. A lot of boost is still available at low to medium throttle. Dual ball-bearings means some boost is always there even if you are lugging the engine, and boost recovery between gearshifts is awesome, with full boost ready even before the upshift is complete as the car lurches forward with sheer enthusiasm at the onset of each gear. The 2.0L driver should not rule out the use of the GT3582R if his/her HP target is in the same range. This competition-grade turbo is a big favorite for this HP range because it hits like a hammer while other 600HP turbos are still spooling up. 

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